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57 Responses to Telugu

  1. Murthy says:


    This is not my site. But was surfing thru the telugu sites and found this. Looks really cool, If you feel good after taking a peek at this site url you might want to include in your list of telugu sites. Just a suggestion . I personally appreciated webmasters collection.


  2. Hi, Your site looks pretty good and covers good telugu stuff. It is having lot of informatory pages.
    Particularly I like the sahityam page and the information provided in
    Keep up the good work… Thanks for sharing all your thoughts…

  3. Murthy says:

    Hi Chandra

    FYI – it’s not my website, but just thought of sharing good things.Since you have done a very good job of posting the valuable web sites info, I thought of contributing something to your list.

    But definitely as you said those pages are good to watch apart from the other good ones. Hope the web master continues to update it with more info.


  4. Rupa says:

    Vow, you have nice collection of telugu sites. For a start I checked the mentioned in the comments and They were good sites. hope you can compile more sites like these.

    keep it up


  5. Vamsi says:

    Helo Chandra

    Thanks a million for providing a link of my website in your blog. Murthy told me couple of days ago as a surprise that you have provided the link.

    I sincerely and heartfully appreciate it. I will also try to post back a link to your site when I start collecting all the links .

    I also looked at your blog, you have done a real nice job and hope you’ll continue doing that.

    Thanks again.

    Seems murthy has posted quite a few comments on your blog…he likes it !!


  6. Murali Mohan says:

    I recently found The beauty of this site is here we can listen stories and all things instead of reading.That too if u listen ATTAGAARI KATHALU, u feel u r in ANDHRA.

  7. Hi Muraligaaru,
    Thanks for the info.
    I have added it to the list.

  8. Subrahmanyam says:

    Telugu lo, Podcast – Oka vinoothna Prayogam visit this blog "Aasaagalam – World’s First Telugu Podcasting site , launched" Thanks

  9. chandu says:

    Nice list that you have put up here. You may want to include the group

    I like the group for their extensive knowledge in Telugu Literature.

  10. Hello Sir,

    Your website looks very fantastic.


  11. Bhaskar says:


    I developed a job portal

    please drop your comments

  12. Chaitanya says:

    Hi sir,

    Your website is fantastic,it covers all the information.


  13. Venkat.K says:

    Hi Chandu,

    You are really doing good piece of work. Keep it up.


  14. purushotham says:

    nice site very use ful,keep it up

  15. Raghavendra says:

    Hi..,m saying 4m the bottom of heart, dat u r doing really good work , another site “maganti..” was simply mind blowing ,what can i write 4r ur work..simply “thanks”.,honest thanks..,if you want any help regarding maintaing of ur blog or gathering info or any thng , anythng else, please feel free to contact me. m avilable at

  16. satish says:

    hi chandu congrats for being the founder of this site

  17. Gopi Krishna says:

    This is the one of the most informative website i have seen for telugu….

  18. anil says:


  19. vsg malla says:

    Mr. Chandu congrats for beong new tour

  20. lakshmi chowdary doppalapudi says:

    this site is simply superb
    keep it up

  21. hi chandru you did a good job really, still iam finding new advantages from you

    iam very thankful to you

  22. hanuman says:


    its marvels..very useful… thank you kind information

  23. Hi Chandu

    U R blog is simply superb

    If U have any best websites please share with me, I want create a web directory in my website.

  24. says:


  25. Dr diesel says:

    ?????, ??? ??? ??? ????? ???????.

  26. I liked the content on this site. Would like to visit again.

  27. BABU GUDLA says:

    Namaskaramandi Chandrasekar Garu,
    My Name is Babu.gudla,
    ur web site is so nice.

  28. chendu says:

    hi sir ,

  29. sk says:

    Indian Videos – non Stop Music Channels, Telugu Heroine Videos

  30. kalyan says:

    andhraprabha news paper has to link instead of , is daily news paper, and magazine

  31. Telugu Books says:


    We are requesting you for Greater telugu web site link in your site.

    Our web portal provide Telug books (Pillala kathalu, Sahityam, Bhakthi etc.,), Telugu animation kids movies etc.,

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    If you can provide a link to our web site That will be greate.


    Team Greater Telugu.

  32. Giriprasad says:

    A Telugu Initiative in North America. Just a beginning…long way to go.. please share this with others too ..

    Thank You
    Giriprasad Lankipalle

  33. uday says:

    bujji prema pondhatam yelaa?

  34. funcounter says:

    its very nice work what you have done.i request you to add my blog to your site, may be in entertainment or satire segment. one more thing you have given link to sujanaranjani..but the correct url is

    kindly see

  35. rao says:

    HI, in site having all the information about kaarthikamasam 30 days pooja procedure and having all the other pooja procedures,vrathas also and having for children rhymes, shathakamulu.and sathyanarayana vrathapooja, dhaamodhara, kedhaareshwara, ksheeraabdhi vratha poojas are also English and telugu languages. audio also available for each pooja.
    The Specific Link is

    visit website once.

  36. srujan says:

    hi can say where i can freely download the telugu to english dictionary not online one.

  37. shekar says:

    namaskarmandi my name is shekar j ur web site is sonice

  38. see my site for free astrology renedies in telugu :

  39. You can find Telugu books ,Telugu Novels

  40. chaitu says:

    Sir.. thummmulu ni english lo emi antaru?..
    dhaggu antey.. cough.. adi teluse.. kaani thummulu antey english lo emantaaro telidhu..

  41. Srinivas says:

    Pls add my website designed for all telugu people’s needs

  42. Srinivas says:

    Please add my website

    I made it useful for every telugu person…

  43. Telugu News says:

    Telugu your site so excellent Please vist our site

  44. sirisha says:

    what we call thummulu in english

  45. Subbu says:

    Ramcharan Tej’s Orange (O range love story) telugu movie songs lyrics can be found here


    Other telugu movie song lyrics also there

  46. ravisankar says:

    This blog will help to the people who don’t know english but they have the intrest to learn a Computer programing…
    for this purpose i have designed this blog

  47. madhu says:

    hi sir this is my very good blog.This blog contains the links of all telugu web sites which covers telugu links related to telugu news, movies, classifieds, studies, regional, political and videos of telugu web sites. Here you can select the links of your interested category.

  48. Deepti says:

    Hello chandu garu,
    Your collection is very nice and i like ur site
    In that site info is vast and my small suggestion is that , why do not u add our indian culture and marriage in ur site?

    So that it would be a complete one.
    Thank u…

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    • mahendra says:

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