Undocumented Firefox Tips

Firefox browser offers much more customizations than Internet Explorer does. Here are some tweaks picked up by PCWorld that you might not know about.

15 Undocumented Firefox Tips

Technology Talk for September 18th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

Technology Talk for July 20th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

Technology Talk from July 9th 2007 to July 12th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

Cool Websites Tips and Tricks for July 4th 2007

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

Linkblog for Friday, 21 July, 2006

JOT: Journal of Object Technology

Schahram Dustdar


CodePlex is Microsoft’s community development Web site. You can use CodePlex to create new projects to share with your fellow developers around the world, join others who have already started their own projects, or use the applications on this site and pr

Rebuild a clean Windows XP install without losing data

Fred Langa shows you how to completely rebuild, repair, or refresh an existing XP installation without losing data, and without having to reinstall user software, reformat, or otherwise destructively alter the setup.

Guide to Useless Services (Windows XP SP2)

Techtree’s guide to Useless Services (Windows XP SP2)

Health Tips on Google Blog

repetitive stress injury(Something related to problems to neck, limb and back pain).

Read out the complete article here
Avoiding RSI

Get rid of unused device drivers from Windows XP

Techrepublic has a nice article about removing the unnecessary device drivers from Windows XP macines.

Here is how it can be done :

1. Press [Windows]+[Break] to bring up the System Properties dialog box.
2. Select the Advanced tab and click the Environment Variables button.
3. Click the New button below the System Variables panel.
4. In the New System Variable dialog box, type devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices in the Variable Name text box and 1 in the Variable Value text box.
5. Click OK to return to the System Properties dialog box and then click OK again.
6. Select the Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button.
7. In Device Manager, go to View | Show Hidden Devices.
8. Expand the various branches in the device tree and look for the washed out icons, which indicate unused device drivers.
9. To remove an unused device driver, right-click the icon and select Uninstall.
Read the complete article on Techrepublic


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