Links for July 8th 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

Links for July 2nd 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

  • Internetworking Technology Handbook – Cisco’s Internetworking Technology Handbook
  • Telecom – MindTrek – Information and resources on various Telecom topics, covering “hot” fields like OSS and Network Management, the Next Generation Networks technologies and VoIP and IP Telephony

Links from April 25th 2008 to June 26th 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

  • How Facebook Works : Technology Review – The social network’s technology manages a vast and rapidly expanding web of connections for its millions of users.
  • ePanorama – Web site dedicated to offer information & links related to electronics and telecom.

Links for March 25th 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

  • The Simple Web – Free eBook! The Simple Web: A Philosophy for Getting What You Want
  • Unix Toolbox – This document is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users. This is a practical guide with concise explanations.
  • Communications as a Service – Nice article explaining CaaS concept and challenges in developing and deploying these applications.

Links for March 24th 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

Links from March 10th 2008 to March 20th 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

  • Indian Shopping Search Engine : – Oxyshopping is a indian shopping search site that enables shoppers to quickly and easily find products from various Indian online stores.
  • Right Ways of Working with the Left Brain – Even if you find yourself in a room full of 10,000 left brainers, there are tons of ways to work with this mindset in service to bringing out the very best of the group’s collective genius.
  • Software Architecture Document Guidelines – Regardless of the development process that you use, a description of the software architecture can be essential for any project, big or small. If software architecture is about the structure of a system and is the vehicle for satisfying the requirements,
  • Indian Medical Sites – Directory of Indian Medical Sites

Links for February 28th 2008

Cool websites, tips and tricks found today:

  • Criticat – Criticat allows employees to anonymously review and advise their employers, prospective employees can pose questions to current employees and employees can discuss among themselves to form consensus over an issue.
  • Microsoft Products Free for Students – Microsoft announced a new program called DreamSpark that allows students in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, China, Germany, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium to get Visual Studio Professional, Expression Studio, XNA Ga
  • Security and Privacy On Your PC – Free eBook! – Free eBook on securing your Windows PC : Ten Firefox extensions to keep your browsing private and secure

Mozilla Firefox has several security settings you can adjust via the Preferences pane, but there are also more than 150 privacy and security extensions you can add as well. They are easy to install and take little time to set up; some even work automatically after you restart your browser. This article lists some of the most popular and most useful.

Ten Firefox extensions to keep your browsing private and secure

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Free Computer Science Video Lecture Courses

Peteris Krumin has collected video lecture notes on various subjects. Its a nice reference site for people who are looking for some good video lecture notes.

Free Science and Video Lectures Online!

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KeyXL : Keyboard Shortcuts to Everything is the largest online database of keyboard shortcuts in the world.

It is one of the best ways to make the most from your favorite web applications is by utilizing their shortcut keys. Almost all popular apps come with their own shortcuts, KeyXL is the place to get them.

It provides a huge database of keyboard shortcuts both for web and desktop applications. It’s shortcut database is searchable by software program and covers all the major operating environments including Windows, Macintosh, Linux and browser-based applications.

Check it out here:
KeyXL Keyboard Shortcuts

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