Blog Censorship in India

It looks like India is going in the same lines as China putting Censorship on certain blogging sites.

I was not able to browse any of the sites hosted on blogspot for the last 2 days. I came to know the reason after seeing a post on Trivikram’s Blog about sites being blocked in india( giving the reason that some of the terrorist related activists are blogging on those sites.

It will be a good move to block those particular sites rather than blocking the entire domain which hosts lots and lots of constructive information blogs.

As stated in Trivikram’s blog our ISPs are blocking the entire domain.

Access to all blogs and websites hosted on the following servers is currently blocked:

Spectranet, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL), Reliance Powersurfer, Airtel Broadband and Sify have blocked Blogger.

Let us hope they will remove this restriction as soon as possible.

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