I am still Alive

It’s almost 10 days without any posts on this Blog.

I got transfer and relocated to Hyderabad last week. I was very busy shifting from Chennai to Hyderabad.
Some of my bad experiences in this process of shifting:

- First mistake I did is selecting CITI-Trans packers & movers which was refered by one of my relatives. The packing and handling of the goods was very bad and they didn’t even deliver at the right time. The material arrived 2 days after the agreed date, and they are in such a bad condition with lot of scratches…etc.

- I was looking for a flight after 7:00 PM on 6th May and the Company travel agent said no mainstream flights available in that time and only Air-Deccan is available. I said it is okay for me as it is just 1 hour journey. This was the biggest mistake I did. The flight started 2 hours late and I was just shoked after looking at the flight, it looked like a Goods traveler. When I entered inside it is like a oven and they switched on the A/C after 20 minutes just before take-off. ‘Some one was saying inside the flight, this is not AirDeccan but AIR-Dhakkan’. SpiceJet and GoAir are far more better than this service. If you have alternatives I suggest others choose this as a last option only…

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One Response to I am still Alive

  1. Welcome to Hyderabad. Enjoy Enjoy your stay here. Looking forward to meet you. Welcome to Telugu bloggers club of Hyderabad. hopefully next time you can attend our meet in SR nagar.

    Sure Kiran.
    I will definitely attend the next meet.

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