This site is improving day by day with rich telugu content.

I recommond this to all telugu community to recollect all their childhood memories and this helps the current generation know about our past telugu culture, short stories..etc…

Hats Off Vamsi… Keep up the good work…

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  1. Thyaga Raj says:

    Yes chandrasekhar,

    Real hats off to this guy. He is something or is he something ?. Just awesome stories and so happy to see those stories from my childhood which are kind of getting out of date with todays kids.

    I just pity the current generation who are missing these gem of stories. Even if some kids get to read these , they will know how and what a great culture and language we have.

    But really Vamsi has done a great job and I definitely would like to spread the word to as many people as possible.

    Hope he continues to keep the fire up, and not extinguish quickly as happens with some of the other sites, so that we have a good chance to show our kids what prized possession we had in our childhood.


    Oh BTW, seemingly your site has cool new look. I like the blueshades.


  2. Thanks for the comments Thyaga.

  3. Hi Chandu

    Thanks for passing on the comments. I have started the website with a painful heart seeing the plight of my mother tongue in it’s own state, when I visited hyderabad back in June’ 05.

    I was just shocked to see the transformation my mother tongue was undergoing and wanted to contribute a rupee worth from my side to our invaluable and priceless language. Some of our kids did not even know what a Jataka katha was and who chinnaya soori was. That made me so shameful and on the spot I decided to do something about it, and started this website when I came back to US.

    But my contribution is nothing Chandu, there is still alot to be done . Hopefully I can acheive what I wanted to.

    And thanks to you & other good readers – per the saying “with out a good reader a book has no value”…and I assure you guys that I will put in my best and my heart into it and keep the fire alive.

    Thanks Thyaga for your comments. Also a big thanks for providing my website link in your blog and your blog has good posts.


  4. Also Chandu – A quick favor needed

    Do you remember the childhood song – “kOti pOyE XXXX vacche – Dhaam Dhaam Dhaam
    XXXX pOyi XXXX vacche Dhaam Dhaam Dhaam ”

    If yes, would it be possible for you to send me the full script of it? ..Would you mind ?



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